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Health tips

Health Tips


Self-medication: The Principal must be informed if your child self-administers his/her medication during the school day. If you need the school to look after medication, you should put this request in writing, and complete and sign an indemnity form. Any medication required by your child must then be left at the office and clearly marked with your child's name and details of dosage.

Asthmatics should always carry their inhalers with them, but we do have a Ventolin inhaler and some supplies at school for emergencies. We also have a nebuliser machine for asthmatics. If your child needs to use this, please supply a mask (in a sealed bag) plus Ventolin with a permission note, details of medication, etc.

Analgesics: Please note that we do not have a supply at school of analgesics [eg Panadol] and we are not permitted to give them out to students.

Allergic Reactions

It is absolutely essential that we know of any allergies, especially if your child is prone to severe allergic reactions [eg to peanuts, other foods, bee stings, etc] and needs an EpiPen. We also need to know if your child has diabetes, asthma or any other medical condition which may require special attention or regular medication.